Dragonfly is packed to the rafters with valuable features designed to simplify reputation management. Whether you're operating a small business, managing multiple locations, transforming a franchise, or helping a client, we are confident that Dragonfly will help you transform your online reputation.

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Everything you need, all in one place

If you've ever spent time monitoring and responding to online reviews (especially for multiple locations), you're no stranger to the headaches associated with this task. Dragonfly's features are all specifically designed to make reputation management as pain free as possible. Check out our comprehensive feature set below:

real time email review alerts

New Review Alerts

Simple question - How can you manage your reputation if you have no idea when/if reviews are coming in?

Dragonfly actively scans every major directory and review site where your business locations are listed and promptly alerts you via email and in-tool notifications when customer feedback is posted.

reputation management reports from dragonfly

Reputation Transformation

People are more likely to complain about poor experiences rather than praise good ones, it's an unfortunate reality of human nature.

If you want to transform your reputation, you need a way to encourage happy customers to leave positive feedback in an easy manner. To put it simply - Burry the negative with a flood of positive.

Dragonfly allows you to email a customizable message to happy customers encouraging them to leave positive feedback about their experience on the platform of their choosing. We even provide them with quick links to make leaving feedback all that easier.

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Centralized Dashboard

Whether you're an agency or a business, one of the most frustrating realities of reputation management is the number of business directory platforms out there. Dragonfly has brought all of the reviews from these platforms into one, centralized dashboard. It also makes monitoring the health and progress of your reputation over time a breeze with detailed reports at the company or location level.

The centralized dashboard also makes monitoring the progress of your reputation management efforts a breeze with detailed reports at the company or location level.

reputation report system


How do you know if you’re actually improving your reputation? Whether you're a small business owner or you manage multiple locations, you need to be able to view your impact in digestible format.

With our reports you will be able to track key pieces of information over time the number of reviews, average score, and active platforms. We also allow you to integrate Google Analytics & Search Console so you can see how your reputation is impacting your web traffic and search visibility.

Take Control of your reputation today!

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