Dragonfly is packed to the rafters with valuable features designed to simply the way you manage local search. Whether you're operating a small business, managing multiple locations, transforming a franchise, or helping a client, we are confident that Dragonfly will help you take your local search efforts to the next level.

Everything you need, all in one place

If you've ever spent time managing local search or a companies reputation online, you're no stranger to the headaches associated with these efforts. Dragonfly's features are all specifically designed to make local search management as pain free as possible. Check out our comprehensive feature set below:

New Reviews & Data Change Alerts

Simple question: How can you manage your reputation if you have no idea when your business information changes or if reviews are coming in?

Dragonfly actively scans every major directory and review site where your business locations or clients are listed and promptly alerts you via email when customer feedback is posted.

Beyond reviews, business directory and review sites are constantly updating your listing without you knowing it, based on data they have scraped from somewhere else. Dragonfly alerts you to these changes so you can correct them before you lose customers.

Centralized Dashboard

Whether youre an agency or a business, one of the most frustrating realities of local search is the number of business directory platforms out there. Making sure that information for all of your locations or clients is accurate across these platforms is a major undertaking.

With Dragonfly, we bring all of that legwork into one, centralized dashboard. Enter in your businesses information once at setup and Dragonfly will let you know if there are any discrepancies. If anything ever changes on the directories (whether it’s due to a platform update or a nefarious competitor) you will be the first person to know.

The centralized dashboard also makes monitoring the progress of your reputation management efforts a breeze with detailed reports at the company or location level.


How do you know if you’re actually making progress in your local search efforts? Whether you're a small business owner, a manager for multiple locations or working for an agency with many different clients, you need to be able to view data in a digestible format to help you make important decisions. Dragonfly removes the guesswork.

We pull critical pieces of data from places like Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook, Yelp, etc. and turn this data into informative reports on one centralized dashboard making analysis a breeze.

Historical Search Console

One of the most valuable sources of information available that seems to be the least used is Google Search Console. This tells you what people are searching for when they find your site, and this is the only place you'll find that information.

The downside is that Google only stores the results for 90 days, making it difficult to see long term trends and YOY data. Dragonfly stores this data for you for 25 months allowing proper trend analysis in your search rankings.

Page Audits

A crucial part of Local SEO rankings is how well your store pages and other landing pages are structured. Dragonfly automatically audits your pages for SEO issues and other errors you may not otherwise know about. Fixing these issues are one of the most time tested ways to improve search engine rankings.

Competitive Research

Every business has competitors, keeping track of them is important but time consuming. Dragonfly lets you do competitive research by sending you alerts any time your competitors get reviews, rating changes or make other adjustments to their online presence.

Dragonfly LPSi Score

If you're a data nerd then you probably already have specific metrics that you look at and grade yourself with. For everyone else, we've designed the Dragonfly LPSi score to crunch all of the on-page and off-page factors that affect your local search rankings for you, and kick out an algorithmic score at the page level.

This gives you a baseline to compare yourself with as you make the suggested improvements, and increases in your score are a significant indicator for improvements in search engine rankings. Improve your score, and you'll likely improve your traffic from Google.

Ready to Simplify Local Search?

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