Keep your finger on the pulse of your reputation with detailed reports. The reports will allow you to monitor the health and progress of your reputation per location and as a whole.

easy to use reputation management software

83% of small & medium sized businesses say that monitoring data is a vital part of improving their business.

68% of those same respondents claim they can't properly analyze their data since it's not organized well.

There are over 200 ranking signals that Google uses to determine whether or not to show your business for a search.

Keep up with your data

Dragonfly solves the issue of data collection by connecting with your data sources like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo and many others to bring together all of the ratings and reviews your company receives, valuable website metrics, average search position for important keywords, website audit details and more - all into one clean dashboard.

search query visibility system

Historical Search Console

One of the most valuable sources of information available that seems to be the least used is Google Search Console. This tells you what people are searching for when they find your site, and this is the only place you'll find that information.

The downside is that Google only stores the results for 90 days, making it difficult to see long term trends and YOY data. Dragonfly stores this data for you for 25 months allowing proper trend analysis in your search rankings.

centralized system for managing multiple business locations

Centralized Locations

If you're an agency or managing multiple locations for a business, keeping track of the various data sources on a location level is a nightmare.

Dragonfly pulls all of this in to one place so you can quickly and easily navigate between locations to view data at a company or location level.

reputation report system

Page Audits

A crucial part of Local SEO rankings is how well your store pages and other landing pages are structured. Dragonfly automatically audits your pages for SEO issues and other errors you may not otherwise know about. Fixing these issues are one of the most time tested ways to improve search engine rankings.

easy to use reputation management software


Whether you're a small business owner, a manager for multiple locations or working for an agency with many different clients, it's important to be able to view data in a digestible format to assist in decision making.

Currently, people have to go into their Facebook business account, then go into Google Analytics, then go look at their reviews on Yelp, etc. Dragonfly pulls all of this information into a centralized dashboard making analysis a breeze.

competitive research software

Competitive Research

Every business has competitors, keeping track of them is important but time consuming. Dragonfly lets you do competitive research by sending you alerts any time your competitors get reviews, rating changes or make other adjustments to their online presence.

Ready to manage your data more efficiently?

Try Dragonfly for a month for free. As an agency, we built this tool to scratch our own itch and we're confident that when you try it out you'll agree that it's the best data reporting tool on the market today.

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